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Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking Back Part 1

So this is my personal views on becoming a Royals fan. Next up, a statistical look.

What a fantastic season. I watched a good deal of KC games, but I had the same feeling I get every year as the season ends...I don't feel like I watched enough games. I saw them win, I saw them lose and sometimes I fell asleep before the game ended.

I read about them nearly everyday, and while I didn't keep up with the blog, I definitely kept up with the team.

I talked Royals baseball to friends. I thought about them driving to work(Atlanta traffic can be brutal).

It was weird at first, watching and keeping up with two teams. I felt that if I wasn't watching the Braves I wasn't being a good fan. But as the weeks passed, I found myself watching both teams at the same time.

In April, I was still getting used to following two teams. But by June, it was second nature. The Royals were almost as much a part of me as were the Braves.

It's hard to say more without sounding too cheesy, but the truth is, I am a Royals fan for life. Now all I have to do is keep up with the blog a bit more.


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