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Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking Back Part 1

So this is my personal views on becoming a Royals fan. Next up, a statistical look.

What a fantastic season. I watched a good deal of KC games, but I had the same feeling I get every year as the season ends...I don't feel like I watched enough games. I saw them win, I saw them lose and sometimes I fell asleep before the game ended.

I read about them nearly everyday, and while I didn't keep up with the blog, I definitely kept up with the team.

I talked Royals baseball to friends. I thought about them driving to work(Atlanta traffic can be brutal).

It was weird at first, watching and keeping up with two teams. I felt that if I wasn't watching the Braves I wasn't being a good fan. But as the weeks passed, I found myself watching both teams at the same time.

In April, I was still getting used to following two teams. But by June, it was second nature. The Royals were almost as much a part of me as were the Braves.

It's hard to say more without sounding too cheesy, but the truth is, I am a Royals fan for life. Now all I have to do is keep up with the blog a bit more.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A New Start

What's there to say? I can make excuses...regular hate mail, work(my real job) work(my secondary job(freelance writer) or procrastination. You can pick and you'd be right on all counts.

But here's what you may not know...I watched a lot of Royals baseball. A lot. I watched at least two games a week, and when I wasn't watching I was checking box scores and reading articles.

I became a Royals fan. I am a Royals fan. I should have kept up more and for that I'm sorry. I messed up. Big time. But I'm here to stay as a fan. And I enjoyed talking with you guys and getting your comments.

So here's the deal. Starting tomorrow, Oct. 24, I'll be updating on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Even during the offseason. I want feedback from you regularly, whether it be about how I'm doing or the Royals or both.

Suggest topics. My e-mail is btefan@yahoo.com.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with a summary of my first year watching the Royals. Friday will be a look at the team from a statistical standpoint. Thanks for coming back.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Looking Up?

Yeah, the Royals are 29-42 and in last place in the division. Only one team in the AL has fewer wins. But they are 7-3 over the last 10 games.

But the truth is, the team has some serious issues. The offense is producing(seven of the last 10 games have seen KC score more than four runs), but the pitching is still shaky.

Last night's victory against the Cardinals showed the team has all the pieces, they just don't show up on the same day.

So far, two and a half months in the season, I'm still excited about the future of the team. I hope ownership gives these guys a chance to grow up a bit and not make any rash decisions regarding coaching.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

A long Weekend

The long weekekend is starting to seem very long for the Royals. Friday and Saturdays games were not pretty in any way. Meche lasted just over four innings on Friday and Bannister had no chance against Seattle's Cha Seung Baek. To say it was a bad start to the weekend is an understatement.

Five hits on Saturday and eight on Friday mean the pitching had to be perfect. Which it wasn't. Not even close. You have to be very good to win two games that you give up a combined 19 runs. The Royals did not look very good.

So now they finish up with the Mariners before heaing home to face Baltimore. KC is not the worst team in baseball, and a strong series against the Orioles will give them some confidence.

So after two big losses, are you worried?

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A Short Letter to the Royals

Dear Royals,
Please do not lose two games by a combined score of 19-3 right after I tell everyone I think the team will be fine. It's just not nice.



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Friday, May 25, 2007

Good or Bad, or otherwise

You can't complain too much about 7-3 over the last 10 games. I especially enjoyed Wednesday's game, even though seven runs is a lot to give up. Still, it showed the offensive weapons on the team.

Thursday's game was one that you just look at the box score and move on. When you give up five in the first, it's probably going to be a rough game. It's funny that two games back to back can show two completely different teams. There is a lineup packed with good hitters who have power, but also a team still trying to make it's starting rotation come together.

One game shows a team that can fight and put runs on the board, even if the starter or the bullpen has an off night. The next game played into every stereotype I heard and read about before becoming a fan. The Royals are terrible. They have no pitching. They lose. A lot.

Here in Atlanta, the last two seasons of the Falcons drove me crazy with their big win one week, horrible performance the next. I just wanted them to choose:Be spectacularly good or incredibly horrible. Don't make me wonder which team is going to show up.

After last night's game, I thought that was where the Royals were headed, even after playing so well the last week and a half. This morning though I changed my mind.

This is a team on the rise, one that is learning who it is and what it needs to do to win. There won't be many 2-1 wins, but there will be plenty of 4-3 and 11-7 victories. The Royals are 10th in ERA and are last in hits allowed. Offensively, they are middle of the pack or better, especially in extra base hits(sixth in doubles, first in triples). Their OBP of .330 puts them at seventh in the American League.

Gil Meche is third in the AL in ERA, and Jorge De La Rosa's four wins show he is a good young starter with room to grow. Of course the bullpen is so much better than last year, there's not even a reason to draw a comparison. Even with Octavio Dotel out for a large chunk of the season so far, the bullpen is tied for ninth in the league with saves. Joakim Soria's 10 saves puts him ninth in saves.

This is a team on the way up. They are only three back of the Twins in the division. Sure, the chances of a wild card are slim right now, but this team will be one to build on for next year. For now, they know who they are and so do the fans. It's time they show the rest of baseball.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What I've Learned

During this time away from blogging I've watched plenty of Royals games, read about them and decided this...I'm a Royals fan for life. Absolutely.

I've cursed caught-looking strikeouts, thrown things during double plays and generally been as angry at them as I've been at other teams I follow. Nothing says love like yelling in frustration.

I've learned that I really like David DeJesus. His .351 OBP isn't too shabby, along with the 31 runs scored.

I've learned Gil Meche should have a stat for how many games heshould have won. He's 3-1, but he could be 7-3. That 1.91 ERA is top notch. He's pitching as well, if not better, than I hoped.

I learned that having one top pitcher isn't enough. OK, that's not something I actually just learned, but it goes with the post. Here in Atlanta the saying used to be, "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain." In KC it's "Meche, now what?"
The Braves are having a similar problem once the rotation gets to the 3, 4 and 5 spots.

I learned I really enjoy watching Royals games. That might sound stupid, but there's something about rooting for a team you're not used to being invested in emotionally. It's great fun. Even when the lose.

I learned that I procrastinate. A lot. Sorry.

I learned that once you order the MLB Extra Innings Package, there is no reason to leave the house between April and September. None.

Finally, I learned that I can't help but thinking I should have know better about Dotel. So far, he and I have pitched in the same number of games.

Now to you: What have you learned so far this season?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a weird few days

On Friday we closed on our house. Yesterday we were set up with the MLB package through DirecTV, but in the process they unhooked our internet. The bad news was I couldn't blog at home, but the good news was I finally got to see a Royals game.

Yeah, they lost, but it was wonderful to at last get to see them in action after months of just talking about it. I'm really looking forward to tonight's game. I hate that Meche is pitching decent but still not getting the wins. However, he did give up eight hits, but he didn't walk anyone, and that's always a good sign.

A few quality wins and they'll be back in it. One thing about the MLB package that I really like is that announcers from the teams do the games. Of all the sports, baseball announcers are the best, and they bring such an individual and unique touch to each team.

That's all for now. I'm psyched I'm finally able to watch KC games. Now I'm looking forward to them winning.

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